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Case Study

A 28 year old female, "Mary", came to the clinic with a main complaint of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Mary's IBS presented mainly as bloating, gas and frequent diarrhea with cramping worse during stressful times in her life.

A long intake was taken to learn about the functioning of all of Mary's internal systems. It was determined that due to stressors at work as well as constitutional tendencies seen in many members of her family, Mary's chi flow was easily disrupted causing it to get stuck in her abdominal area.

A prescription was given to smooth the flow of chi in the body with an emphasis on the abdominal area. After a month, not only was the IBS more under control but mary's menstrual cramps and pms irritability (which were also caused by chi stagnation in the abdomen) were noticeably less. This was an unexpected side effect Mary was thrilled to experience.

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