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New Patient

All patient information is kept confidential according to the HIPAA medical confidentiality act.

Patient Forms

Please fill out the following forms and bring them with you to your first treatment.

What to Expect

Treatments at Good Chi Acupuncture are comfortable and relaxing. Treatments normally do not hurt.

Initial Appointment

If you are coming for a chronic health condition the acupuncturist will spend 30-45 minutes with you before your first treatment conducting a thorough intake. This intake will include detailed questions about all of the systems of your body and will help the practitioner pinpoint the root of the imbalance. After the intake, a regular acupuncture treatment will be given (see below). When booking your first appointment, please advise us that you are a new patient so we can determine if this type of session will be needed. This type of initial appointment will require 90 minutes.

If you are coming for acute pain from an injury or to speed the healing from an acute cold/flu, the lengthy initial intake will not be necessary. In this case, you will only need 60 minutes for your treatment.

Follow-up visits

Follow-up visits involve a brief update on your condition plus a regular acupuncture treatment (see below). If a lengthy initial intake was taken during the first visit, the acupuncturist will discuss her findings and recommendations during the first follow-up appointment. Follow-up visits take 60 minutes.

Regular Acupuncture Treatments

A regular acupuncture treatment takes about 60 minutes – 20-30 minutes spent with the acupuncturist while she performs your treatment and 30 minutes resting alone while the needles do their work. Many patients doze off during this resting period.

Patients should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Depending on the condition being treated, the patient may keep all clothes on. In the case where some clothing needs to be removed, careful attention is paid to draping with sheets and blankets. We are very careful to ensure that the patient is warm and comfortable at all times.

Acupuncture treatments consist of needling a patient in acupuncture points with the intention of rebalancing a patient’s system. Stainless steel needles coated with silicone for smooth insertions are used. Needles are used once then disposed of as medical waste in biohazard containers. Non-silicone needles can be used in the case of an allergy.

Depending on the condition treated an adjunctive therapy may be performed with or in place of the needling. See below.

Adjunctive Therapy

There are many therapies that are done in conjunction with needling to enhance the results of the treatments. Some of these are moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, electro-acupuncture therapy and massage. If your practitioner thinks these will be necessary, she will discuss it with you first.

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