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Nutritional Testing

At Home and Affordable

New technology has become available that allows you to test, right in your own home, for nutritional deficiencies, body toxicity and the body's ability to digest and assimilate food. No longer are you dependent on a doctor to determine if you need this testing. We are excited to offer this technology to you.

With this kit you will be able to determine if you have a deficiency of:

learn about the specific symptoms that patients with these deficiencies may present with and to order your kit.

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Nutritional diagnostics kit

If you are curious whether your symptoms are due to a weak metabolism, a reduced ability to properly digest and assimilate your food and an inadequate elimination of toxicity, this kit is for you.

While we would be happy to help you devise a supplement plan based on your results, there is no pressure or obligation to do so.

Allyson Nevard, L.Ac. and Melissa Stein, L.Ac.