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Words from a few of our satisfied clients:

"I started seeing Allyson a little over two years ago for adrenal fatigue, menopause and severe allergies. I was extremely skeptical and didn’t fully believe that a) acupuncture really worked, and b) that the beneficial effects of it were cumulative.

Boy was I ever wrong. I progressively felt better month-by-month. After about a year, my allergies improved considerably. After a year and a half, I felt absolutely fantastic! No kidding. I know this probably sounds over the top, but Allyson changed my life." - Marilyn F.

"I started acupuncture when I was feeling symptoms of rage and aggression that made it challenging to be a patient and loving parent. After two visits with Melissa, the symptoms shifted to feelings of irritability, which were much more manageable. I've continued with acupuncture monthly, to subdue the emotional effects of my own monthly cycle and have felt positive results. Melissa approached my care with a wholistic vision, and her treatments were both both gentle and sturdy." - Audrey Hyvonen

"I received treatment from Allyson for approximately 1 year for fibroids. Not only did the treatments dramatically reduce my pain and therefore improve my life, but she successfully reduced my fibroids in size by a couple of centimeters. I had very large fibroids (1 was the size of a basket ball) and they were putting pressure on my organs and my spinal cord. My quality of life was compromised due to the constant and debilitating pain. I was taking high dosages of Motrin and began to get anxious.

Allyson's weekly treatment allowed me to practically eliminate pain killers and regain a quality of life. Her treatment included preparing me for surgery. Allyson was able to reduce the size of my fibroids and also eliminate my anxiety about the surgery. I had a successful myomectamy and I feel that acupuncture changed my life. My surgeon was very pleased that I had acupuncture treatments and felt it made a difference in my very successful recovery.

I am an avid supporter of acupuncture treatments for any ailment and an even bigger advocate of Allyson and her staff. Her and her staff made each and every experience a pleasant one. The treatments were highly effective and their ongoing support and gentle manner always put me at ease. I will continue to receive acupuncture treatments, mostly for a sore back, but I will only go to Good Chi, as her talent and superior quality of service compares to none." - Chantal Doherty

"I began acupuncture treatment in 2004 after being hospatilized for several grand mal seizures. In addition to medication my neurologist also recommended accupunture to help battle my seizure disorder. I have been to several facilities that offer acupuncture.

Last year I was referred to Allyson and Melissa. The folks at Good Chi are at the top of my list. Allyson and Melissa offer the highest level of service and they take the time to explain the process of each treatment. Sessions last 30 to 60 minutes and I usually fall asleep as the needles find the last few trigger points.

Besides my seizure treatment I go to Good Chi to reduce stress, manage pain from previous sports related injuries, and speed up my recovery from training. I am very pleased with the results and have referred several of my clients and members of my family. My last seizure was in April of 2009 and I look forward to my visits to Good Chi in 2011!" - Brendan O'Neill, CPT, CSCS - Director of Performance, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Bosse Sports

"I visited Allyson for acute low back pain. I have to admit I had my doubts, and was a little worried that the needles would hurt. Not only was it painless, but was quite a relaxing experience in a very soothing and professional atmosphere.

I felt immediate relief upon standing when I got off the table. I had one more visit and my back has been fine. What a great thing to not have to suffer for weeks, take ibuprofen all day or stand in line at the pharmacy to fill a prescription." - Joanne O.

"I began seeing Melissa after an acute (and extremely painful) knee injury, and continued our sessions after experiencing dramatic relief after my first visit: She treated me successfully for everything from lower back pain to jet lag. Patient, intuitive, and kind, Melissa is a stellar practitioner who listens fully, offers a range of treatment options, and is diligent about helping her patients feel better. I only wish she still lived nearby so we could continue working together! " -L.W.

“As someone who has never tried acupuncture and being somewhat skeptical, I was surprised how helpful acupuncture treatments were for me. I had “tennis elbow” and tried Good Chi Acupuncture upon my wife’s recommendation. After two or three sessions I noticed significant improvement. It was hard at first to deal with the notion of being stuck with needles. But by my third visit it was old hat and completely unintimidating.

You relax lying down in a darkened room with soothing Eastern music gently playing in the background. I left each session unstressed and feeling really good. My inflamed arm has improved dramatically. I highly recommend trying acupuncture if you’ve never done it before. Good Chi was a very positive experience for me. " -Michael B.

"She was kind, caring and very well experienced in her profession. Also, great personality! She treated me for sciatica. She gave me three treatments and released the excruciating pain. I highly recommend her for treatment." - JVD, age 91 on her experience being treated by Allyson

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